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Victorhof A-Z


All of us willingly give you a hand with solving major and minor problems during your stay at Victorhof. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if something does not come up to your expectations despite our efforts.


Just ring the bell at the entrance to the recreation room.


We all wish you lots of sunshine, a good rest and unforgettable holidays on our farm.


Animals: Direct contact to nature and all kinds of animals is possible at our farm. You can also discover agricultural machines like a tractor, which is really exiting for most children. The proximity to animals, machines and other equipment, used and needed on a farm also imply risks. Therefor we kindly ask you to consult us before going in the vicinity of animals or machines and don’t let your children unattended there.


Assistance: we are always glad about a helping hand in the barn, while feeding the animals or other. Please feel free to ask us if you want to help. (Feeding of the small animals at 10:00am)


Barbecue: please clean the grates after using and dispose the cool ashes in the residual waste


Bikes: If you would like to borrow bikes for adults, please ask us. We keep them separate.


Blankets: Additional Blankets and pillows can be found in the wardrobe of your holiday flat. If you need more, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Calf: Our little calf like to be caressed, we are also happy if you want to help water them.


Campfire: irregular between June and September under warm and dry weather conditions. Dates will be announced. We will bake bread on a stick. You can buy drinks (beer, soda and juice) or bring them yourself. Sticks for the bread can be collected during the family-walking-tours. It is not allowed to light a fire yourself!


Cats: “Pokie” (gray), “Mimi, Garfield, Kitty” (multi-coloured) and “Foxy” (red) like to be caressed and cuddled. You may feed the cats, but please keep them outside your holiday flat. They are not house-trained.


Chicken: we feed the chicken at 10:00am. Help us search for eggs, if you like.


Cows: we have 40 dairy cows. The cow barn’s door is open, the children (and the adults) may feed our cows with the provided feed on the feed-desk (silage/grass). Please don’t toss feed into the gaps. In summer you can help to get the cows off the meadow at 04:00pm. Children only accompanied by adults or prior kids accompanied by Elmar. NEVER ALONE!


Date of departure: Please leave the holiday flat clean swept, with bedclothes removed and dispose your litter. Unless otherwise agreed, departure is until 10:00am.


Energy saving: Please use energy economically. Keep the windows shut when you leave your flat for a longer time and just air out for about 10 minutes.


Family-walking-tour: We offer walking-tours through the “Hatzevenn” from April to October. You can find the dates on a placard in the recreation room. Please wear suitable footgear for weather and terrain (we walk cross-country). The tours last about 90 minutes. We walk slowly.


Feeding time: 10:00am for goats, pigs, chicken and rabbits. If you have any spare vegetables, fruits, dry bread… please feel free to feed the pigs and goats any time you want. NO LEFTOVERS!


First-Aid-Kit: You will find a First-Aid-Kit in the recreation room. Furthermore you will find a fire extinguisher and a list with phone numbers of medics in every holiday flat.


Football: We have a football area behind our farm


Games and Info: Books with suggestions for trips, maps and games can be found in the recreation room. Please return anything after use.


GEO-Caching: For walking-tours or GEO-Caching we can offer you a GPS-device. Please ask for the device or caches in the vicinity.


Goats: “Heidi” and “Weisli” like to be fed, but please note: goats like to hustle, so watch out and have an eye on your children. Do not enter the compound with feed.


Handicrafts with hay: April-October. The times are scheduled, please register. Our crafting room is in the courtyard (green double door)


Helmets: we have free helmets for the pony rides. If you have got your own helmets (for example bicycle helmets) it’s handier to use these.


Laundry: You can hand over your clothes until 10:00am and will get it back washed and dried by evening. (Your clothes are dried in laundry dryer, in summertime you’ve also got the possibility to dry your clothes on a laundry rack)


Maps: maps of trails and other information are displayed in the recreation room or on enquire. Please return the maps and other information after use.


Milking: daily at approx. 05:00pm and 06:30am (at the milking parlour)


Milk: Fresh milk can be fetched at the barn from 05:00pm. Please bring the pitcher (from your flat) and leave it at the milk kitchen, Elmar will fill it during milking. Due to German laws raw (=untreated) milk has to be heated up to 70°C before consumption.


Outdoor area: Garden and seating furniture are available to all our guests. Feel free to relax where ever you feel comfortable. Please understand that, with respect for our other guests and our neighbours, we ask you to talk (and play) at low volume later than 09:00pm.


Parking: on the parking area behind the farmyard and across from the barn


Payment: on the farm we can accept cash only (please pay until 10:00am)


Pedelecs (E-bikes): can be leased for 5-15€, according to use.


Piggies: “Mila” (dark) and “Lola” (pink) are happy about being caressed with a brush. Feeding only from the outside of the compound. Please don’t let children unattended inside the compound.


Playing barn “Matsche Pampe”: all bicycles, Kettcars or go-carts can be used by the children. Please handle them with care and return them after use.


Please: Handle our furniture and clothes with care and report any damage instantly, so that many future guests can enjoy their stay just like you do. Thank you.


Pony + Riding: “Mitch” (Schetty), “Romana + Rico” (dark brown) and “Georgy” (light brown) The times for pony riding are scheduled every morning in the recreation room. I am happy about any helping hand with guiding, grooming and brushing the ponies. Parents who have experience with pony / horses may feel free to guide their children on their own after the riding officially ended. Please feed the pony only after the ride as reward and not during the ride.


Rabbits: inside the playing barn. The children are allowed to go into the compound to caress and feet the rabbits and guinea pigs themselves with grass, hawk bit, salad or carrots, but NO CABBAGE, or with Iris at 10:00am. Please DON’T lift the rabbits and guinea pigs, their bones break easily if they fall.


Rolls: are available from 07:00am (Sundays 08:00am) in the recreation room. You will find your flat’s number on the bag.


Silage bale: playing and climbing on the pile of silage bale behind the cow barn is NOT ALLOWED


Straw castle: Inside the straw you may play and romp, but please don’t pluck the bales of straw apart and leave the straw where it is.


Sun lounger: are available for you in the garden. Please ask for cushions.


Table tennis: paddles and balls should be at the table. If they are missing please ask us for replacement.


Tabletop football: in the recreation room. Please use it only between 08:00am and 08:00pm.


Toys: Any toys and games on our farm can be used. We only ask you kindly to handle them with care and return them to the playing barn after use.


Tractor driving with the farmer. Just ask Elmar when he is about to drive. Mostly that’s about 10:30am. Elmar always likes to take children, and adults, with him on his rides.


Trampoline: Please take off your shoes on our trampoline. It is resilient up to 100kg but only one person at a time should be jumping on it. Otherwise the risk of being injured is way too high.


Waste: You can find the waste containers inside the green framehouse in front of our farm. We separate the waste into “Grüner Punkt”, residual waste, glass and paper. Fruits, vegetables and paring can be fed to the pigs. By no means feed leftovers to the pigs! We also ask you not to put residual waste in the containers for plastic.


Willow tipi: The tipi was only recently erected, so please don’t pull out the sprouts